If you're scared neutrals will wash you out, try them.Neutrals are fascinating on fair-skinned folks, especially exotic ones. Over beige, taupe, pewter, and stone. Add a dash of seasonal color to make yourself the star.

Olive green

It's dark but doesn't overpower pale skin.Instead, it supports, complements, and enhances, showing that this hue family has more variation than it appears.Choose dark olive for great contrast, medium olive for medium contrast, and light olive for low contrast.

Navy Blue

Navy blue fits fair skin. Contrast with this rich tone instead of black.Black is almost everyone's power neutral, thus fair-skinned people should reconsider.Navy blue, black's lighter, brighter cousin. Power neutral without drowning.

Dark tones

These tones lend class to light skin. adore adding striking gold jewelry to black or grey outfits. However, you can pair dark tones with jewel tones for the right hue and neutral balance.

 Jewel tones

Jeweltones don't suit everyone. If you're fair-skinned.Jewel tones are perfect for fair skin. Rich colors lend depth and brightness to fair skin. Emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple intensify against fair skin.

 Cold undertones flourish in bolder colors, making these jewel shades ideal.Makeup with jewel tones is a bonus. These colors complement the skin and add vibrancy to your outfit!

Watermelon Red

Watermelon red the best power color for fair-skinned people.It flatters warm and cool undertones as a neutral medium red. It packs a punch despite being lighter and less saturated than darker reds.


If you have fair complexion, pastels might wipe you out, so contrast your makeup and attire.Mint green and periwinkle are generally flattering, or choose a pastel that complements your undertone. 

Peach or soft yellow for warm undertones, lavender or light pink for cold. For the perfect match, pair any hue with taupe, pewter, or stone. Light blues, pinks, and mauves "provide an overall soft and beautiful look.

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