The Best Breeds of Dogs to Take Hiking 

Siberian Husky

Ancient Siberians formed this breed. Trekking partners, they were initially developed for sledding. Its endurance, stamina, and ability to quickly react to changing temperatures and weather conditions help this.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Trailing these gentle giants is fun and exciting due to their size. They can move fast even when carrying big weights. They also love cuddling around a campfire at night.


Don't underestimate beagles. These pups' vitality and curiosity are useful in unknown environments like the woods. With proper training, they can hike 10 miles.


Vizslas are medium-sized hunting dogs. Their tremendous excitement distinguishes them from other breeds. Running over fields pursuing game birds or swimming in rivers and lakes, they accept every challenge.


Due to their enthusiasm, athleticism, and enjoyment of the outdoors, Weimaraners make wonderful hiking dogs. Hunting dogs can run or hike with their handlers.

Border Collie

Border collies are smart workers. Many owners take use of their natural impulses by taking long trips to the country to round sheep or herd cattle. Their energy and discipline make them great outdoor companions.

Golden Retriever

Goldens are smart and athletic, making them ideal for hiking together. They have the energy and passion to make any trek entertaining, no matter how difficult.

German Shepherd

Loyalty and obedience are German Shepherd traits. This makes them wonderful hiking companions and protectors. During long mountain or forest treks, they can carry gear due to their strength. 

Labrador Retriever

Their intellect, athleticism, and friendliness make them wonderful hiking partners. Hunting dogs use them. Labradors can run or hike with their owners. Their laid-back nature make them great outdoor companions.

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