Crater Lake, Oregon

Mount Mazama's eruption about a thousand years ago made Crater Lake unique. Crater Lake is a landlocked lake that formed in the crater of a mountain.The lake is always clear because of the rain and melting snow.

Lake Michigan

The only US great lake, Lake Michigan, is stunning.Beautiful 307-mile lake. It has many cities and beaches.Hiawatha, Manistee, Nordhouse Dunes, and Michigan Islands are the Lake's national parks.

Finger Lakes

Upstate New York's Finger Lakes draw vacationers. Lakes resemble fingers. Numerous activities are available year-round at the eleven lakes.Waterfalls, parks, beaches, unique museums, and resorts surround lakes.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell's unbelievable blue waters have astonished most visitors. This man-made lake is really stunning.It was worth the uproar when the Glen Canyon was dammed and filled with Colorado River water.

Lake Mille Lacs

Mille Lacs draws anglers. Sport fisherman like the lake's shoreline break, shallow reef-top, and multi-species fishing. Large fish houses offer year-round perch and tullibee fishing.The lake reflects seasons well. Central islands' Mille Lacs National Wildlife Refuge is another draw.

Lake Havasu

Three lovely towns—Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville—are on Lake Norman's 34-mile beaches. Sports, resorts, fishing, and boating are popular at the man-made lake. The lake is one of the best US swimming lakes.

Lake Chelan

This list should include Lake Chelan, one of the most beautiful US lakes. Tiny Lake Chelan is a well-kept secret.However, the entire area has a small-town atmosphere, making it excellent for family vacations.

Lake Eklutna

Anchorage's Lake Eklutna.The lake, near the Eklutna Glacier, has approximately 15 miles of shoreline and is one of the purest in the US.The lake has salmon and trout fishing. Lakeside camping and picnicking are available.

Lake Martin

Lake Martin, east of Lafayette in south-central Louisiana, is a marsh.Over 9000 acres of Louisiana swampland are a staple. Alligators, bullfrogs, cottonmouth snakes, egrets, and herons inhabit the lake.

Many swamp boat tours contain alligators.Pontoon guides lead tours. Rent paddleboats.The marsh has a boat launch and walkway. Avoid wildlife. Swamp animals are dangerous unguided.

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