The elegant Poodle is first. The dancing Poodle with her coifed hair, flawless grooming, and canine sports outfit display coat dogs. Poodles' curly, non-shedding hair makes them attractive family pets.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu, a toy, is likely familiar. Shih Tzus must be brushed daily to avoid matting. Many pampered dog breeds take a lot of care and dedication from a starting pet parent.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels, a Sporting bird dog, need skilled grooming. At the doggie spa, Cocker Spaniels' long feathery ears, which can get ear infections if not properly cared for, are pampered and argued over.


The Puli, a Herding dog, can be brushed out to expose a wavy coat or maintained entire and only separated for trimming and tangling. Puli's coat action separates the cords. Though he prefers to labor, a well-groomed Puli can be a jack of all crafts.

Coton de Tulear

The white Coton de Tulear is a smart, social Bichon Frise-type dog. The Coton, a low-shedder Bichon-type dog, is one of our most pampered purebred dogs.


The Chihuahua has conquered pop culture from the dog fashion runway to magazine photo sessions. His small size and big personality make him a popular but adored family pet. He relates easily, loves to play, and is a canine couture star.


Regular coat maintenance keeps our Toy rock star looking good. Pomeranian owners enjoy pampering. His frequent shedding need brushing. A Pomeranian owner requested a summer trim from my dog's groomer. 

Afghan Hound

The majority of Afghan owners report feeling grooming needs. His thick, silky coat is a show of arrogance, but the breed's natural loyalty and eagerness to be your friend are unmistakable.


Maltese, another Toy group dog, is pampered. He loves fetching, playing, and spa time as a little, mischievous dog. Maltese owners choose a puppy clip and shorter coat for their cherished pet.

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