Bacon has crept into almost every cuisine item, from milkshakes to burgers. Bacon brings a sultry, salty depth to the table, but some fear the pro-bacon movement has become maniacal.


Overhyping can occur when a dish represents a nation's cuisine. Paella, a staple of Spanish cuisine, has its opponents. Paella can attest to the difficulty of popularity.


People who don't like cake could prefer pie.Many people think cake should be prohibited altogether. With the exception of cheesecake, icing is cake. Having a specific birthday is irrelevant.


Vietnamese fuh soup is popular. In an era when Uber Eats and DoorDash allow consumers to try new cuisines, Vietnamese food has come of age. With all the hype, others argue pho-natics should take the pho away.


It's strange that kale is so well-liked in eateries. Spinach has never been a popular vegetable, but kale has been called even less flavorful and more cardboard-like.


Oysters are a delicious way to recall the salty flavor of ocean water. Oysters, which are filter feeders, consume everything in their environment before going out to a restaurant.

Wagyu Beef

Japanese farmers breed rare wagyu cows. Farmers fatten cows for the tastiest cuts. Wagyu's popular. Wagyu is overhyped, expensive, and chewy for busy individuals.

Charcuterie Boards

Salami, prosciutto, sopressata, and mortadella pair well with aged gouda or baby Swiss.Charcuterie boards are expensive and exciting, but some critics call them lunch meat. 

Gold-Flaked Food

Given the rise of gold-flaked foods, chefs may have an irrepressible golden touch. Unfortunately, some don't realize that a little gold goes far. Americans typically wear gold rather than eat it.

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