The 9 Delicious Foods That Will Make Your Mouth Feel Out Of This World

Sea Food

The unique flavors and textures of seafood are well-known. Those specks are fish roe, and they have a satisfyingly salty "pop" when you bite into them. Nothing else compares to it.

 French Fries

Surprisingly for a potato that has been fried, the quality of French fries can vary greatly. However, the difference between a boring fry and a great one is often determined by the texture of the food.


The finest part of eating crab isn't cracking it open and searching for the meat in its shell; it's biting into a good chunk of crab meat. Fantastically flaky, with a subtly sweet and salty flavor. 


The flavor and texture of freshly picked vegetables can't be beat. The crunch of a ripe cucumber is a welcome relief from the heat of the day.


Caramel and creamy custard make this Mexican dish famous. Imagine scooping a dab of flan into your spoon and dropping it into your lips to melt. 


Mushrooms improve the flavor of a meal with their rich umami and velvety texture. Sauteed mushrooms are great on their own and have the texture and flavor of a more luxurious and tender chicken.


Salmon, renowned for its succulent, melt-in-your-mouth qualities, makes many people's mouths water just at the thought of eating it.


When marshmallows are involved, the entertainment factor of a campfire is increased. When properly toasted, it will turn into a delectable ooze, but only under certain conditions.


Is there anything else in the world that could possibly be more satisfying than biting into a piece of fruit grape that was just harvested before it was eaten.

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