Boston Terrier

Boston terriers require mental stimulation and little exercise. Misbehavior can result from neglect.A dog agility course and two daily walks are recommended. City living suits this breed.

Basset Hound

The basset hound is usually calm. The basset is moderately active but becomes less active with age. Most basset hounds don't need much exercise but enjoy daily walks.


This energetic, friendly Cuban dog thrives in urban, smaller, or grandiose settings. This 10-pound dog is versatile. Havanese require little daily activity. These dogs enjoy indoor play and lap time.


Pugs are homebodies.The pug is a small yet lively companion dog. This breed is suitable for families with children due to its even temperament.

French Bulldog

The Frenchie may be a trendy pet in America, These canines can maintain their fitness with a regular vigorous stroll. There is a general lack of noise from these canines.

Shih Tzu

The shih tzu is joyful, affectionate, and playful. These dogs bond with their favorite people. If you must leave them at home, they'll likely be happy relaxing until you return.


The soft Maltese is fun. A regular stroll and recreation are enough. The breed is also quieter than most small dogs. Sitting in your lap and giving you affection is its favorite thing.


Though they race, greyhounds are couch potatoes. They adore running, but they can't handle more than daily walks. Affectionate dogs may bark when left alone. Separation anxiety training helps.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese crested enjoys family time and is vigilant and affectionate. These dogs are another good choice for apartments due to their tiny size and modest energy level.

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