The 8 Substances That Are Guaranteed to Ruin Your Meal


Anyone who loves celery also loves bloody marys, buffalo wings, and dip. Celery has such a strong flavor that it can infect a meal even after being removed, just like olives

Bell Peppers

The green bell pepper is different from the more common yellow and red varieties.Green peppers grilled in a fire are delicious. Unrefined bitterness is off-putting.


Cucumbers are misrepresented. Unpeeled, it resembles a diseased, wart-covered green bioweapon. Peeled and shaved, a healthy vegetable is said to heal.

Truffle Oil

Truffles are one of the most expensive ingredients because only the wealthy can afford to shave them into their pasta or risotto or have a truffle-hunting mammal.


Taking out the olives is meaningless if the dish has been tainted by the smell and taste of a rotting corpse.definitely relate; however, a toasted bagel slathered in olive tapenade and cream cheese is heaven.


Cilantro can be too strong for some people. Chopping up a leaf to prevent it from getting trapped in your teeth is a good idea.

Rose Water

 Rose water perfumes Middle-Eastern dishes and pastries when used sparingly. Western cooks misjudge the amount, resulting in rose-flavored everything. That's undesirable.


This odd substance was hated. Though rare, some chefs utilize it in desserts and meat. Licorice juice makes the famous candy. 

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