Vietnamese Sesame Balls are a classic treat. Vietnamese street sellers sell these little delicacies, which are crispy from frying and coated with white sesame seeds and stuffed with mung bean paste. 


Kibbeh—Lebanon's national dish—is authentic. Torpedo-shaped fried croquettes have bulgur, minced beef, onions, and sautéed pine nuts.  This vibrant salad has mint, parsley, fresh tomatoes, olives, onions, bulgur, and couscous. 


Italian Carciofo alla Guidia, or fried artichoke, is a dinnertime favorite. Its crunchy, nutty texture and patience to cook make this meal special.Grating Parmesiano Reggiano on top makes a delicious, real Italian dish. 


Roasted Peking Duck has been offered to royalty and foreign guests since Medieval China.Its thin, crispy skin is eaten with pancakes, sweet bean sauce, or mashed garlic and soy sauce.


Visit Mexico with authentic Mexican meals. After a long night, enjoy a warm bowl of Chilorio with breakfast potatoes to wake up. This guisado—any braised, cozy, and tasty cooked meat—is excellent for a lunchtime taco.


Peruvian culture is a beautiful blend of European and South American influences.Aji de Gallina or Peruvian Chicken Stew is perfect for a big serving of Peruvian comfort cuisine.

Amarillo chili simmers with a lot of shredded chicken in a creamy French sauce.With rice, pasta, or roasted veggies, this spicy dinner will satisfy your cravings before dessert.


No description of Japanese cuisine would be complete without sushi. Japanese sushi used to be preserved in fermented rice. It's cooked with vinegared rice and fresh fish in various ways.


A light meal like a Greek Salmon Salad on the little island of Greece won't disappoint with its delicious Mediterranean flavors.This 20-minute lunch is a must-try with fresh vegetables.

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