You're Not Entitled to an Instant Reply

I won't answer your text just because I'm on my phone. Many thread contributors believe messaging apps' "read" feature creates unhealthy situations. Sender and receiver are under pressure to respond.

Electronics Have One Job

Some electronics work without internet. Someone writes that their mom's printer needed internet to scan. They had to register. They paid for the device but cannot use it. It promotes expensive ink.

Cellphone Addiction Is a Problem

Checked your phone today? Another says the amount of phone use today is alarming. It's ridiculous to get upset because a partner hasn't texted back or liked a photo.

There Are Too Many Subscriptions

Unlimited TV is nice, but they only watch the same show. Instead of Hulu, they could save a lot by buying box sets of their favorite shows. They send unnecessary monthly curated shows.

Social Media Was a Mistake

Social media is making people more self-centered. Many people agree that it is one of the worst things that has ever happened in the world. It has led to a culture of arrogance, dishonesty, and disorder.

 Music Is Worse

One person says that most modern music is soulless buzzword soup that is well put together. Artists don't sing about real things like loss, love, hard times, and self-reflection anymore.

iPad Parenting Is Lazy Parenting

Finally, someone laments that kids mostly use iPads. For long car trips or special occasions, it's fine, but too much is lazy parenting. Parents use digital media to calm their kids, neglecting important conversations. Children need environmental interaction.

Today's Parents Are Overprotective

After growing up with helicopter parents, a parent says they're trying to do better by their kids. They want their 18-year-olds to be independent and not panic when they get a flat tire on the highway. Overprotective parents raise insecure adults.

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