Tough Guys Cry Too: Enshrouded Emotions

Numerous participants express that there is no room for them to be vulnerable. Even when they attempt to express their emotions, they are ignored or mocked.

To Ask Out, or Not To Ask Out, That Is the Question

Dating seems difficult for men too. Many dislike having to initiate. They would be losers if they deviated.

Man Down: Keeping It Together

Maintaining control is exhausting. Many men are exhausted by the prospect of failure and vulnerability. Like Mulan, men may not always want to be "swift as a coursing river."

Boys Will Be Boys

You may have an adult body as a man, but you're still an adventurous child at heart. With all the burdens and responsibilities of adulthood, many men feel that their inquisitive nature is shunned.

 Hair, Hair, Everywhere

Forum men say body hair spurts are boring. Their aging body gives them hairy ears instead of functional knees.

Always a Dad, Never a Parent

Fathers are parents too. However, many dads share the parenting comments they hear. Parenting is often called babysitting. Despite changing as many diapers as the mom, one father says others think he's incompetent. Only hate horrible parents!

A Man of Steel Can Still Feel

Numerous men admit to feeling lonely due to emotional suppression and the lack of a shoulder to cry on. Unsurprisingly, this has a negative impact on mental and overall health.

A Case of Receding Hairlines and Hopes

Pattern baldness in men is a serious issue. One individual explains that they are faced with the dilemma of leaving their hair uncut or obtaining a buzzcut.

Not Enough Hugs

Finally, several men say their peers won't hug them during the hardest times. After his mother's death, one person wanted a hug and a listener. His wife's friends supported him but not the men. Guys, please. Hugs never hurt!

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