Queen Elizabeth Ate This One Food Everyday!

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Needing something to eat in the afternoon is such a universal emotion that even Queen Elizabeth II understood.

The queen's chosen afternoon tea turned out to be one of her favorite childhood snacks, which she'd had every day since she was a kid. The answer isn't Lunchables.

Queen Elizabeth II ate her favorite snack, jam sandwiches, often known as jam pennies, every day for more than 90 years.

Queen Elizabeth first tried jam pennies in her nursery as a child, according to former Buckingham Palace cook Darren McGrady.

Queen Elizabeth's lunchtime snack is simple. Butter and jam between two slices of nice white bread.

The queen nibbled on her favorite delicacy at afternoon tea, a meal that has been a ritual in the United Kingdom since roughly 1840.

Jam pennies get their name from their similarity in size to old English pennies, which are around 1.2 inches in diameter.

We're feeling like having some jam pennies with our Earl Grey now that we know what the Queen had with her tea.

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