St. Bernard

The St. Bernard with a barrel of brandy under its chin has saved over 2,500 snowbound travelers in Switzerland. These pups are gentle with kids and sure to draw attention from the neighbors.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This breed of long-haired, tricolor fur-pups was created by crossing Roman mastiffs with herding dogs. Mountain dogs are loyal and steady. They occupy less bed and couch space than the Mastiff and St. Bernard!

Great Pyrenees

These majestic French dogs have an innate, seemingly unteachable ability to determine whether or not a human or another dog can be trusted, which makes them excellent guard dogs. 

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Swissys are known for their cattle-driving skills. They even fought with their humans when needed. They're alert and ready to charge into the fray, but they're also gentle and affectionate.

Siberian Husky

Huskies pulled sleds and herded reindeer in Arctic Siberia. They're gentle and independent, making them easy to live with. Loving a Husky means loving their clownish "singing" and "talking" ways.

Entlebucher Sennenhund

This breed is unknown to many. The smallest of the four Swiss mountain dog breeds, these guys make great family dogs and are happiest working. They love hiking and playing.

Maremma Sheepdog

This breed's pups, from Italy, are the best sheep and pack guards. They have a lot of stamina that needs to be used for exercise and play, so city apartments wouldn't suit them. 

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