Max is by far and away the most common choice for a male dog's name in the United States. The name is perfect for a canine companion who has a joyful, rambunctious, or fun-loving personality. 


The most widely used name for a female dog is "Molly." Puppies with these traits—extreme trustworthiness, mild demeanor, and gentle demeanor—are the ones most commonly given this moniker. 


Jake is a common male dog name. The name is usually given to playful male dogs that also like to sleep.


Bella, a common female dog name, follows Jake at the top. Small, pretty, and loyal pups get the name.


Buddy male dogs are loyal and love their owners. Male-named male dogs also like the name.


Daisy appears to be the name that the majority of dog owners in the United States prefer to give to their female dogs who are devoted to their families and who lead quiet, unassuming lives.


Jack is the name that Americans love to give to carefree dogs that seem to have a spirit that is similar to Zen. It is the name that ranks first on the list, right next to Buddy, as a popular male dog name.


American dog owners like Maggie for calm, Zen-like female dogs. Maggie dogs multiply love. 


Male American dogs with mellow personalities are often called Cody. Most canines with the name Cody are also very affectionate. 

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