It's one of East America's top mountain biking destinations. Visitors love this place's difficult hikes. Mill Mountain Star Trail is the most famous, leading to the world's largest independent neon star.


Casper's slogan, the mountain town for the wild at heart, is probably familiar to you if you've been a mountain lover for any length of time.

Fremont Canyon is a great place to do rock climbing or kayaking. So, hurry up and make your way to Casper for some authentic mountain fun!

Rapid City in South Dakota

Any trip to Rapid City would be better with a stop at Mountain Rushmore. Black Elk Peak is magnificently shown by the Black Hills Mountain Range.

 The highest peak east of the Rockies may be seen from there. Only seasoned hikers should attempt the Northern approach to the Harney Peak Trail.

Waitsfield-Town in Vermont

This is another great site to admire magnificent mountains that have stood strong for years. Holstein cows graze lush fields near white farmhouses in the Mad River Valley. This site is great for nature lovers.

Locally grown lamb and organic vegetables are featured on the restaurant menus. American Flatbread is a must-visit for its hand-made pizzas.


Talkeetna has stunning Alaska Range peaks. They hover like white monuments over the dense spruce tree fringe. This hilly destination is stunning.

Talkeetna is best explored in summer when the temperature is mild. Climbers from around the world will be in town around that time. They fly to Talkeetna to find the world's tallest peaks.

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