Smart, joyful and responsive huskies. They're naturally friendly but stubborn. This active dog wants to be outside. Husky weighs 35–60 pounds.

Siberian Husky

There are many related landraces and recognised breeds of Collies. The type is Scottish and Northern English. Collies are medium-sized dogs with pointy snouts. Collie Weight 50–75 pounds.


No wonder Labradors are America's most popular breed; they're smart, kind, and loyal. Labrador Weight 55–80 pounds.

Labrador Retriever

While poodles are known for their beauty, they are much more than that. They're smart, so start thinking of interesting tricks to teach them. Poodle Weight 40–75 pounds.


This dog breed originated in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, in the valley of the River Aire. The "King of Terriers" is the largest of the terrier breeds. Airedale Terrier Weight 50–70 pounds.

Airedale Terrier

Boxers are playful canines who also protect your home from intruders. They need daily exercise to preserve their playful character. Boxer Weight 50–80 pounds.


Brittanys are great running and hunting dogs. Brittany Weight 30–40 pounds.


Golden Retrievers make excellent guide and service dogs, but they also have a golden heart. Golden Retriever Weight 55–75 pounds.

Golden Retriever

A gold heart beats behind that glum mug. They're devoted, brave, and determined. Bulldog Weight 40–50 pounds.


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