Is Your Zodiac Sign Most Stylish?

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6) Aquarius

The style of this sign is effortless. Aquarius can make loud neons, demure pastels, and everything in between work.

They won't visit secondhand stores or buy decorative items for the house just for kicks. On the other hand, they'll furnish and outfit their home with timeless classics.

5) Leo

Leo's style is fashion-forward. Sun-ruled, they don't fear bold statement pieces, funky colors, and over-the-top arrangements.

Leos are detail-oriented and make everything look easy. They may not put as much effort into their other styles.

4) Virgo

As the aesthetics-related Venus is in retrograde in Libra, those born under this sign may find that discussions of personal taste can be a weak spot. 

They may become fashion gurus if they master style. All depends on the individual. A poorly-developed Virgo may not care about appearance.

3) Pisces

An expert communicator, this sensitive sign frequently expresses itself through art. They are huge fans of vintage items, do-it-yourself projects, and unique items.

They wear a wide variety of sophisticated, up-to-date outfits that take their style cues from the Romantic and Renaissance eras.

2) Libra

This sign is ruled by Venus, and beauty runs in its veins. Their refined fashion sense is evident not only in their attire but also in their general demeanor.

Libras are luxury brand purveyors and detail-oriented. Their outfits, spaces, words, and art appear in the best magazines.

1) Taurus

When it comes to haute couture, home decor, and artwork, Taurus is the ultimate tastemaker. It's out of their control.

Taureans know what they want and are willing to put in extra hours at the office to afford it. And once they possess it, they will flawlessly style it.

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