Select little prints that benefit you

A huge, flashy pattern, ladies, can be your undoing. A smaller print that isn't worn from head to toe can have the opposite effect, making the wearer appear slimmer and more confident.

Pick unobtrusive logos

In your 50s, you can afford greater quality. However, you shouldn't flaunt your premium brand purchases. Choose things with little branding, such as a modest logo. Shopping smarter: 

Wear flats or low heels

Poor posture might be prompted by wearing heels that are too high. Worse, they can give the impression of sagging breasts, which is something absolutely no woman in her fifties wants to see in the mirror.

Cut your hair shorter

It's counterintuitive to let your hair grow longer as you become older in order to give the impression that you have more locks. If you're dealing with hair loss or a receding hairline, a shorter cut will make your hair appear thicker.

Replace your T-shirts with knit sweaters

Knitwear is a stylish way to switch up your fall and winter wardrobe and stay warm.Make sure you have thick, shawl-collared cardigans, bulky fisherman's sweaters, thinner cashmere crew necks, and long-sleeved merino Wool polo shirts.

Wear only well-fitting clothes

You can no longer afford to buy anything simply because you like it, even if it isn't available in your size. Take an item to the tailor if it doesn't fit quite right but can be altered to some degree.

Choose short, fitted tops

When it seems like your waist is just getting bigger, a short, fitting shirt can help you fool people into thinking your middle is smaller and more toned than it actually is.

Wear the color red

Red's boldness and allure are especially on display this winter. I used to get away with buying more bluey crimson red than orangey pillar box red in the winter.

Avoid buying cheap denim

You can get away with cheap, poorly manufactured denim while you're young and fit. It's a dead giveaway in your 50s. Bootleg jeans flatter your belly and lengthen your legs. 

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