How to Drain Oily Food When You Don't Have Paper Towels?

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Standard procedure for removing extra oil from food involves using half a roll of paper towels, but what do you do if you're out?

Unfinished paper items (not waxed or glossy) that are disposable or were previously used for something else will do if you don't have anything else.

1) Paper egg cartons

Egg cartons are one of right materials for absorbing excess oil for several reasons. Since it is constructed from uncoated porous paper, the airy carton is ideal for soaking.

They can absorb dripping oil with various points of contact and serve as an improvised drying rack if the meal is laid across the ridges.

2) Paper grocery bags

Paper grocery bags are also ideal for fried foods, as they offer a large amount of useful surface area per bag.

3) Newspapers

Newspapers are similarly successful (see: the classic fish and chips) although being utilized in this manner less frequently now than in the past.

4) Cardboard

Cardboard is an indispensable part of your degreasing squad. The present focus on internet ordering ensures that you have an ample supply of cardboard boxes.

5) Pizza boxes

Pizza boxes are perfect because they were used for trusted food, and most places don't recycle oily cardboard. Since they're not recyclable, reuse them to soak up oil.

6) Tea towels

Tea towels are perfect for drying fried food. Use tea towels to absorb up oil, then wash them with soap and white vinegar in the hottest water you can.

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