How Avocado Oil Is Produced In A Unique Way!

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While olive oil has been around for centuries, avocado oil is a more recent addition to the cooking oil scene.

Avocado oil's numerous health benefits are among its best qualities. The high smoking point of avocado oil makes it an excellent choice for frying and sautéing.

According to History Cooperative, the unique method used to produce avocado oil was actually derived from the methods used to produce olive oil.

This technique is known as cold pressing because the avocado flesh is pressed by a powerful machine without the addition of heat or chemicals.

The avocado has already had its skin and pit removed, and the mashed avocados produced by this press will be centrifuged, as stated by California Avocado.

The avocado's flesh, oil, and water are all extracted by this machine. The oil, now a dark green color, is bottled and distributed to supermarkets.

The fruit's flesh is transformed into oil rather than the fruit's seeds or nuts, setting this method apart from others.

While the avocado stone is certainly impressive, the fruit itself is what is used to produce an excellent and healthy oil for cooking.

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