Old English Sheepdog

Their name says it all—they herd sheep. The Old English Sheepdog loves to herd sheep, cattle, goats, and chickens. They're happy to hang out with you regardless of what you're doing.

Border Collie

This medium-sized ball of energy is smart and alert enough to handle any herd of animals. They may even herd your kids. They'll play without herds too.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

These adorable dogs, known as Swissies, herd cats, dogs, and children on your property. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a gentle giant that protects your family and home.

Rat Terrier

A Rat Terrier will keep barn rats and other vermin from eating grain and other food. These little dogs are great at catching rodents around the farm and in your yard. They love kids and make great pets.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are herders and hunters. They need to run, so the country is good. If you don't have a herd, find them a job or they'll herd your friends and family.

Australian Cattle Dog

Leave cattle care to the Australian Cattle Dog. Since the 1800s, they were bred to do that. They are fearless, intelligent, and love working, making them ideal for herding and guarding cattle or other animals.

Fox Terrier

These tiny Terriers can find and flush out foxes, rabbits, and other game. Let them find the prey and hold it in its den until you come for them. Fox Terriers hunt easily and enjoyably.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees protect. These big dogs will protect the herd and your home with their bravery and strength. They are gentle with children and have thick, warm coats for cold weather.

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