Border Collie

Border Collies were bred to guard sheep and other livestock on farms and ranches. Even while many now live in more civilized settings, these cute and cuddly pups still need a lot of exercise and time outside and do best with a job.

Siberian Husky

Their fluffy coats and silly personality make Siberian Huskies popular. Talk, listen, and run! If they don't get enough exercise, these pups can play for hours and run circles around you.

Australian Shepherd

Be prepared to care for a smart, energetic Australian Shepherd. These farmhand pups are easy to train and adapt well, but they need to run and play too!

Labrador Retriever

Labs are always popular. They've always been good family pets due to their attentiveness and protection. If they don't have a toy, these pups can chew on couch legs.

Jack Russell Terrier

Small pups aren't lazy. They're as lively as any pup on this list! Terriers are good hunters, therefore they can listen, wait, and be trained. If you don't like hunting, take them to a fenced-in dog park to play with other dogs.


These antique carriage dogs were energetic and active, running miles with the horses. These hyperactive dogs need to play for hours. They'll be good pets indoors if they get that time outside.


Vizslas are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. These dogs can stay active for at least an hour and a half and often outlast you, regardless of your outdoor activity. They're terrific listeners and great buddies.


Weimaraners were hunter-bred for their speed, devotion, and intelligence. These sleek, short-haired pups play for hours and don't overheat. These dogs are loving and love to play, so they won't leave you.

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