Bichon Frise

The Bishon Frise is a stylish, small dog ideal for travel. They are always happy and can travel by car, plane, or handbag. The Bichon will happily accompany you to the store or out-of-town.

Border Collie

Are you an active family seeking a playmate? Border Collies may be ideal pets. This energetic medium-sized dog rarely tires before you do! This pup has many colors and a smile.


Need a strong dog for your daily commute? This fearless, medium-sized dog will protect you while hiking or jogging. Beautiful, hardy dogs. They'll be happy anywhere. They're great companions for seniors.


Bulldogs are great companions if you like to relax! This short, stout dog is loving and has cute wrinkles. He's easygoing and likes to lie on the floor and be petted.


This tiny friend will steal your heart if you need a companion but have little space. This toy breed is small but sassy! Shopping or flying with smooth or long-coated dogs is ideal.

Heading 2

Heading 2

Cocker Spaniel

Sports anyone? This sporting breed loves attention and makes a great pet. You can pet and kiss this one forever. This medium-small dog enjoys park runs, car rides, and couch naps. He'll always be your friend.

Golden Retriever

"Goldies" are true friends. They are loving, gentle, kind, and friendly. Many use this dog in therapy because they love companionship and want to share their sweetness.

Labrador Retriever

Smooth-coated Labrador Retrievers make great companions.  They are hardy but happy-go-lucky pups that make great friends. Keep him on shore if you swim. This water-loving dog will stay with you!

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