Seniors love Poodles, one of the first and smartest dog breeds. They're kind, patient, and trainable. They have three sizes and an easy-care coat. They're happy to sit at home or walk and make you smile.


These cute characters will make you laugh with their funny expressions. Their short coat and wrinkly skin make them easy to care for, and they love spending time with their humans at home or running errands.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies grow to seven pounds. This pup is a lover and a fierce hunter, so mice won't be a problem at home. However, they prefer to cuddle with their favorite human.


Chihuahuas don't need daily walks, making them ideal companions for the elderly. This loyal dog is small enough to travel with you! They're also guard dogs, so you'll have an alarm system.


Maltese, another tiny dog, love to be held and cuddled. Their hypoallergenic white coat and playful fursonality will keep you active and happy. They enjoy your choices.

Boston Terrier 

This graceful dog loves to cuddle. Their compact bodies and short fur make them easy to maintain and suitable for any home. Boston Terriers are gentle, friendly, and happy!

Bichon Frise

With this white puffball, you'll feel happy! This hypoallergenic curly-coated pup is perfect for seniors with allergies. Bichons are friendly, easy to train, and love being the center of attention.

Cavalier King

The Cavalier is the best cuddler! Want to stroke a gorgeous silk coat? Got it! How about patience? This Spaniel has it all. These dogs love walks and cuddling.

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