Can You Use Shaving Cream to Clean Glass?

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For generations, amateur and professional cleaners have struggled to achieve streak-free glass. Companies constantly release new product formulations for this.

According to TikTok's cleaning corner #CleanTok, the solution has always been in our bathrooms. This is shaving cream!

How to do it?

Spray a large blob of shaving cream onto a clean towel. Rub the shaving cream vigorously on a glass surface, such as your oven door window, microwave door, or bathroom mirror.

It appears to be a little sloppy. The shaving cream buffs away after an unspecified amount of time, leaving the glass streak-free and beautiful.

Is It Effective?

Yes, it is effective. The shaving cream side, on the other hand, took three times as long. It was also ridiculously messy.

But, while buffing and wiping the shaving cream off the glass, stray blobs threatened to fall onto the vanity.

What Experts Says?

Homer claims that shaving cream can clean glass because it contains water, soap, and alcohol. Moisturizers like glycerine are also found in shaving creams.

Despite the fact that shaving cream can be used to clean glass. The gap between "can you do this?" and "should you do this?" is quite large.

Homer sees three major problems with this trend: Disorganized. It can leave streaks. Dish soap and glass cleaner are "much cheaper."

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