Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are also military and police dogs. They sniff out explosives, drugs, and cancer. These dogs are smart, energetic, and fast learners.

Labrador Retriever

This breed tops most dog lists for all activities and traits. They are friendly, brave, smart, and smell like a German Shepherd. Police use Labradors for bomb, drug, and arson work. 

German Shepherd

German Shepherds can easily find victims and have worked with the military and police for centuries. They're one of the smartest and most loyal dogs.

Saint Bernard

The Swiss Alps used these big furballs to find avalanche victims. When Saint Bernards found a victim, one would stay to keep them warm while the other went for help.


The Beagle, the smallest hound, has more scent receptors than the Basset but shorter ears. Their endurance and desire to please make them good search and rescuers.


These hunting dogs are also good at search and rescue due to their amazing sense of smell. Coonhounds are great scenting dogs that can learn quickly and follow directions.

Bassett Hound 

Unlike the Bloodhound, the Basset Hound has only 275 million smell receptors. These pups are lower than their cousin, so they can get into the scenting area easier.


Over 300 million scent sensors are in the Bloodhound! While related to the Basset, they are built for scenting with a long head, big nostrils, and long ears.

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