EA Sports

Any Madden player from the past decade wonders how a game can get worse. More amazing graphics, powerful consoles, and glitches?That's illogical, and most gamers stopped buying Madden from EA Sports long ago.


Tesla has presented humanity with a classic chicken-or-egg dilemma. Were Tesla drivers such haughty battery lickers before purchasing the vehicle, or did the overpriced, self-combusting, short-range, cult-member-attracting automobiles turn them into such individuals?

Air Canada

Angry flight veterans say Air Canada is a bunch of incompetent hosers! Air Canada isn't helping Canadian air travel, which frequent fliers said is in shambles.


Greyhound could treat customers like dogs and 90% of the public would never know. Most wouldn't care either. So Greyhound events stay Greyhound. Greyhound repeatedly stranded a frustrated customer. I'm no Secretary of Transportation, but picking up travelers seems crucial to interstate bus travel.

Spirit Airlines

At this point, criticizing Spirit Airlines is like mocking Will Smith. What else? If you fly Spirit Airlines, remember "this too shall pass"—even if "this" is the aisle fistfight. Don't they stop eventually?

Wells Fargo

Some have forgotten Wells Fargo's hatred. Let's recall how the bank secretly opened accounts in clients' names to collect fees. The bank should protect money, not steal it. People won't forget that bank's misdeeds for a long time.


In the end, the world really is just that tiny. Sure, the world is small, so what? The 25,000-acre territory over which Disney presides? That's a really big world, you know. 

This unrivaled power gives Disney a monopolistic feel, as does the way it is systematically absorbing (and carpet bombing) popular franchises like Star Wars.Then there is the fact that going to a Disney park with more than one child can bankrupt you. Most working-class families need a loan to get to the Magic Kingdom.

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