The Dalmation is a smart, well-loved breed. Dalmatians thrive on family attention and are eager to learn. Dalmatians are great off-leash dogs!


Vizslas are gentle but energetic. The hunting Vizsla loves being with its owners. The Vizsla is independent but responds well to training. Off-leash training is easy for Vizslas.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has brains, beauty, and working ability in spades. As a herding breed, this dog is active. Off-leash activities suit the Australian Shepherd's energy and intelligence. 

Brittany Spaniel

Brittanys are sociable dogs known for their hunting skills. Brittanys are active, smart, and trainable. Since it wanders, train this breed before letting it off lead.


Poodles are smart despite their fluffy hair and cute appearance. Poodles come in three sizes, from toy to standard, making them perfect for any family. Poodles excel at obedience. 


Pulis are great family dogs. This fun-loving breed has the energy to keep up with an active family. Pulis are manipulative but love training. Most Pulis can be trusted off lead after training.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever, considered the perfect family dog, craves family time. Labrador Retrievers are perfect off-leash running partners because they are eager to please and obedient.

The Border Collie's intelligence and hardiness make it a desirable herding dog. The Border Collie is best suited for off-leash work because it thrives when actively occupied.

Border Collie

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