If allowed, cuddly boxers love cuddling with the new family member. They also enjoy toddlers hugging, lying on, trying to catch their tails, and endlessly rolling the ball for them.


Pugs can be trusted to accept a new family member, but they may need a safe place to escape a toddler's constant attention as the baby grows.


Bull Terriers are friendly and affectionate. They love to play, so infants may need to learn restraint early on. They like company, but will follow new rules and respect restrictions.

Labrador Retriever

Labs want to please, even if it means adopting a stinky, noisy child. Labs are protective of their packs and accepting of puppies and babies because their packs want them to be.


Poodles are smart, hypoallergenic, and shed-free. They respond well to training that substitutes an activity they like for one their humans dislike, like jumping on the couch when Baby's on it. 


Newfies are big and gentle, and they love to protect and care for small people. They're great companions on walks with the baby because they need daily exercise. 


Bulldogs like to eat and sleep and can be found near the cradle, crib, or on a blanket next to the baby. They're great for stroller walks and will clean up if the tot throws a treat.

Border Collie

The Collie, another large dog that seems made for babies, is a great caregiver and will watch over the smallest human. They can reduce household stress with their calmness.

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