A rose tattoo meaning love won or lost has been a popular symbol of intense passion for centuries.

Skull tattoos are a very popular form of culture and tattoo symbolism. These tattoos may represent good and evil, as well as life and death.

A mandala's meaning isn't set in stone, but it's usually associated with balance, eternity, and perfection.

The flower itself is a symbol of good fortune and longevity. In other words, getting a sunflower tattoo is a good luck charm that will protect and prolong your life.

The spider web tattoo has long been a prison symbol. For decades, it's been a prisoner's symbol.

Flowers were a direct symbol of god's contentment in ancient cultures, and their meanings are as varied as their meanings.

The use of simple geometric shapes usually signifies order, harmony, and stability.

Butterflies tattoos often connote a romantic meaning because they represent young love.

The heart symbol is a happy, passionate, and loving tattoo! But the colour of your chosen heart can mean many things.

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