A Few Ideas to Help Burn Off Your Dog's Excess Energy

Hunting Party

Hunting dogs! Train your dog to hunt instead of feeding it from a dish. Hide snacks at home. Use puzzle feeders or loosely hide them. Don't force a puzzle feeder on a new dog.

Make their first search easy or they may give up, which is no fun for your dog or you. Keep most of their food in their bowl, but hide some in their favorite areas.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle toys and feeders are stationary. Commercial puzzle toys help dog owners. Prepare your dog for rolling puzzle feeders. Start simple with your dog's first puzzle.

Instruct Them in a New Skill

Train your dog in a variety of new talents to make the most of the time you have available to you outside of work. 

You can train your dog to perform tricks such as waving, spinning, and playing dead on command in little time at all with the use of a clicker and your dog's favorite small treat.

Exercising to the Beat of the Heart

Up your fetch game! To get your dog moving, throw the ball down a hall or stairs. As with retrieve and keep-away, make sure your dog doesn't knock something down.

To Create a Snuffle Mat

Your dog can use a snuffle pad to find small toys and goodies. When you're bored at home and in need of a quick and simple project, these are perfect. 

You'll need a fleece strip and a hole-punched rubber mat to construct one. Using a sharp knife, slice the fleece into narrow strips about an inch and a half wide and six or seven inches long.

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