Chihuahuas are healthy. Grooming is minimal for long-haired Chihuahuas. It's temperamental. Avoid carrying and spoiling these creatures. Your Chihuahua will rule otherwise.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels griffons are cute, silly dogs. Despite vitality, they need little exercise. Basic training tames their sass.Brussels, another petite breed, measures 6–12 pounds and requires moderate care.


Dachshunds are friendly and cuddly couch potatoes. Miniature and medium-sized dogs are available. Long-haired doxies need extra grooming. All make great companions.


Despite popular opinion, this racing dog is low-energy. Greyhounds love lounging with their owners. They love daily walks and occasional runs, but don't need much exercise.

French Bulldog

Frenchies are ideal loafers. French bulldogs are the happiest dogs. Though energetic, they lack endurance. This breed needs moderate daily exercise, but avoid outdoor activities in hot or humid weather.


Mastiffs are large, slow-moving dogs. Young mastiffs are calm and silly. They become lazy and aloof as they mature, yet they love their family.


Smarter and more lively, they adapt to people. Low-maintenance versatility. They're active dogs like their owners.Avoid matting by brushing and trimming poodles often. Thankfully, they shed little.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier is kind, friendly, versatile, and will always look like a puppy. This small-to-medium canine loves snuggling with humans and other dogs. 


Bullmastiffs are big, active dogs. 100–130 lbs. It outlives mastiffs. Mastiffs have more stamina than bullmastiffs. This breed needs daily walks. Otherwise, this dog lounges.

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