When you want someone's attention in a group chat, type @ followed by their name. To make the person's name bold and remove the @ symbol, press space or add a punctuation mark. When you send the message, the recipient will be notified.

Tag contacts in group messages

If your phone has the latest iOS, you can replace Safari with Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other web browser. Change your default email. Instead of opening Apple Mail to compose a new email or block spam, you can now choose Microsoft Outlook or Gmail as your default.

Change your default web browser and email app

To caption a photo or video, simply swipe up on it, tap "Add a Caption," and write your caption or keyword. When you're done, it'll save to iCloud Photos. After that, just type the caption or keyword into the iPhone's Search window.

Add captions to photos and videos

Messages can be replied to by tapping and holding the message, selecting "Reply" from the menu, typing and sending your message. As a result, you've officially followed proper group texting etiquette.

Respond to single messages

Want to clear your home screen of unused apps without deleting them? instead of Apple's App Library. Simply hold the app, select "Remove App" from the pop-up menu, and choose "Move to App Library." On an iPhone, you can delete apps as well as hide them. But before you delete an app, do these four things.

Hide unused apps

Favorite apps like Weather, Reminders, and Apple News are now visible at a glance. Drag and drop widgets from the Today View onto your home screen or use the edit menu to add them. Also, steal these brilliant iPhone hacks from super organised people.

Add widgets to your home screen

Turn on Airplane Mode while charging for a quick boost. This will temporarily pause background noise (like web notifications and GPS roaming), which drains the battery while charging. Learning how to save battery life on your iPhone can avoid future mishaps.

Get a faster charge

You can correct Siri by saying "That's not how you pronounce..." and Siri will ask for the correct pronunciation. After you give it to her, she will repeat it back to you to check it. Here's how to make Siri laugh.

Correct Siri