If you have a silly little dog who never fails to make you laugh, this is the perfect name for him or her. Stitch would look cute on Harlequin or tricolored dogs, too.


If your pet is on the smaller side, Peanut is a pawfect fit. It's fantastic even for dogs who are a little bit crazy.


The idea behind this name is generic enough to be used for any series of myths. A small dog with a mighty name, like Zeus or Athena or Freya or Thor, is always adorable.


Your adorable little furball will fit the Spanish definition of "small child" to a tee. Your feisty Chihuahua might respond well to the name Chico.

Heading 2

Heading 2


This is an adorable choice for a little girl who is full of fursonality, and it fits your small doggo perfectly!

If your dog is the cutest in the bunch, like a Yorkie or Toy Poodle, this is the perfect name for them. When it comes to cinnamon, a little bit goes a long way.



Cricket could be the perfect name for your dog if he or she likes to make a lot of noise but is still adorable.


A speck is "a tiny bit or quantity." The name is ideal for a small canine friend.


A joyful dog deserves a joyful name. Small packages can contain great rewards.


You can call out "Come here, Killer!" at the dog park and still get the ironic humor of this name. It's a step up from before.

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