Guava is a protein-rich fruit. Each cup contains 4.2 grammes of it. It's also high in vitamin C and fibre.

Make guacamole or mash avocado on toast. 3 g protein per cup sliced or cubed 4.6 mashed That's a lot for a fruit.

It has 2.3 grammes of protein per cup sliced. Dried apricots are a tasty and quick snack. A quarter-cup serving has 1.1 g protein.

A cup of kiwi has about 2 grammes of protein. And it doesn't take long to prepare. It's fine to eat the skin.

Not all berries are protein-rich. But blackberries have 2 g per cup.

One medium orange has 1.2 grammes of protein and is high in vitamin C.

According to one study, bananas can fuel your body during a workout just as well as a sports drink. Not to mention 1.3 grammes of protein per medium banana.

These deep red stone fruits are a summer favourite, and they're high in protein. 1 cup pitted cherries = 1.6 g protein

Raspberries have a high protein content. They provide 1.5 grammes per cup. Or, add them to yoghurt for a protein-rich breakfast.

A medium grapefruit contains 1.6 grammes of protein and is high in vitamin C.

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