Biggest Fish

in the World


Atlantic Blue Marlin

A fisherman's dream is to catch a blue marlin in the Atlantic. They usually weigh a few hundred pounds, and getting one is a big deal. 

Reef Manta Ray

The reef manta ray is much bigger than the rays in the touch tank. They are the second-largest species of ray in the world and can grow up to 11.5 feet wide and 18 feet long. 

Tiger Shark

The only shark people are more afraid of than the tiger shark is the great white. Their slow, lazy swimming can fool new dives into thinking they are safe. They can grow to be over 20 feet long and weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

Greenland Shark

The Greenland shark is huge, but it's also a little bit of a mystery. Greenland sharks don't live in warm water like most other sharks. Instead, they live in the cold seas of the Arctic and North Atlantic.


The river beluga is a cute name for the kaluga, which is one of the biggest types of sturgeon. It can live in both salt water and fresh water. In the Amur River, it eats salmon and other big fish.

Megamouth Shark

Megamouth sharks look like grumpy old men, but they are as safe as a nice grandpa. They are filter-feeding sharks like whale sharks and basking sharks, and they only eat plankton and jellyfish.

Beluga Sturgeon

The beluga sturgeon's name, "the great sturgeon," is not a joke. They are, as far as we know, the biggest species of sturgeon in the sea. They have a clear humpback and a thin snout. 

Sharptail Mola

People don't often see the sharptail mola, but if they do, they probably won't forget it. They can be as heavy as 2 tons and move through tropical and temperate seas like a big, elliptical Frisbee.

Ocean Sunfish

The common mola, which is another type of mola, is the ocean sunfish. It's hard to tell which mola is the biggest because they are all so big and hard to find. 

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