Honey garlic chicken wings fermented with honey.

Honey garlic chicken wings fermented with honey.

With raw honey & fermented garlic, these Honey Garlic Chicken Wings combine nature’s goodness with bold flavors. This appetizer is perfect for game day or any time of year by adding ginger, sesame oil, and soy sauce.

What Makes This Recipe Work

During baking, raw honey infuses with garlic flavor to make an easy honey garlic sesame sauce.

Whether you prefer bones or not, these chicken wings will indeed please! We remove the drumettes from the wing tips to have more meat on each piece of chicken.

The cost of trimming your wings can be reduced by cutting them yourself. Once they have been cooked, they are easier to trim. If you want to make chicken stock, freeze the tips immediately.

An overview of the ingredients

It is recommended to use fresh or thawed chicken wings in this recipe. Cook time should be increased by 3-4 minutes if you use frozen wings and cannot melt them beforehand.

Using raw honey and garlic cloves, this garlic honey ferment can be made a week in advance and is an excellent combination of sweet and savory. You can use any honey you have on hand if you need more time to make this infused honey. Measure out love using a garlic honey ferment by straining the honey and reserving the garlic cloves.

Soy sauce: feel free to swap in low-sodium soy sauce to lower your salt content.

Follow these instructions

Add freshly ground black pepper to taste the wings and season with kosher salt. Add one cup of water to a pressure cooker and place a metal trivet inside. Before securing the cover, arrange the wings squarely on the trivet. Set the dial to “Manual” for 8 minutes and close the on-top vent.

The sesame honey garlic sauce should be prepared ahead of time.

Get started on your sauce while the chicken bakes! A small saucepan over medium heat should heat the garlic powder. Combine the butter with the mixture, constantly stirring, until the butter melts. Set aside once you have removed it from the heat.

It would help if you allowed the pressure in your multicooker to release naturally for 10 minutes after the cooking time is over. Then, when you dissipate excess pressure, turn the nob to quick release.

In a large mixing bowl, remove the lid and transfer the wings. Let cool for a few minutes.

The top oven rack should be in the top position, while the broiler should be preheated to high.

Place a wire cooling rack on top of a large, rimmed sheet tray covered in aluminum foil.

Toss the wings with tongs or a gloved hand to ensure they are entirely coated in the sesame honey garlic sauce. Put the wings under the broiler for 3-4 minutes after placing them on the prepared baking sheet. Once the branches become crispy and have some color, they are ready. On the remaining side, turn the wings over and repeat.

Toss Wings in Sauce

Toss half of the remaining honey garlic sauce over the wings after removing them from the oven. With the remaining sauce on the side, garnish with white sesame seeds and serve immediately. I hope you enjoy it!

In storage

You can keep leftovers in the fridge for several days if you store them in an airtight container.

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